Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Year End Review in Pics

Saturday I will be starting my project 365, posting a new random pic everyday. a little description will go along with every pic. and at the end of that year,  i plan on publishing all the photos in a coffee table book. Great way to remember a year, huh?

In honor of this great year coming to an end, here is a review of what has happened to us here at Inside The pics ;)

Goodbye 2010. Thank you for all the blessing you brought on my family and I.

2011...gimme your best shot ;)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Slow the eff down!!!!!!!!

Have you ever stopped and just been like "where the hell has the time gone?". seriously.

Seriously seriously seriously.

Itty Bitty turned 7 month old yesterday. As i was posting that on FB, it hit me out of nowhere....that time is moving way too fast. Itty Bitty is 7 months, Princess will be 4 in 3 months, Sailor Man and i have our 5 year anniversary next month, I will be 23 in 2 months (him in 3), and Itty's first bday is in 5 months.

WHAT.THE. HECK????????

First and foremost. 5 years. WOW. that is a LONG time. Especially for two kids who were a statistic with a pregnancy during their teen years. The cards were deff stacked against us. Heck, we had only been dating 5 months when we got pregnant with Princess. Most kids our age wouldn't, and didnt, last. But we did <3 I was talking to my mom a few weeks ago and mentioned our anniversary coming up. I told her I wanted to plan a big weekend getaway for us. And she agreed! She told me how proud of us she is, how far we have come and accomplished. Even she couldn't believe it has been that long already lol! 5 year may be a small portion of time for my friends that have been married much longer...but it is nothing to sneeze at when you are only 22 lol!

2nd. 4yeard old. 4 years old. 4 YEARS OLD. my eyes water just thinking about it. Its not possible. its not. For some reason,her turning 4 is harder on me than her 2nd or 3 bday. (not as hard as her 1st tho thank gosh lol). im not sure why. maybe its bc at 4, she is no longer classified as a toddler. maybe its bc she starts school this year. maybe its bc it has all flown by so fast. i dont know.

7 months now, 12 months wayyyy too soon. I cant even fathom that. Itty Bitty needs to STAY my itty bitty baby. please. please. please.

I dont think you can truly appreciate how fast time flies by...until you are married and have children. You spend your whole childhood hoping the days and weeks and years fly by, so you can be an adult and get to the "fun stuff". and then before you know it, you ARE an adult and you are grasping at straws, trying to find anyway you can to slow down your life and your kids childhood.

its a sad sad  cycle.