Friday, April 30, 2010


it is 12:14 am...meaning it its now april 30th...meaning i am now officially overdue! WTF :(

Monday, April 26, 2010


I have to go get ready for my doc appt, but here is a thought real quick...

i am so incredibly blessed to have my 2 amazing best friends. they put up with my crap like no other could!!!

i love you guys

Saturday, April 24, 2010

bouncey, bouncey

i swear, i have bounced on my labor ball so much the past week that my child will come out confused lol.

get out of my delilahhhhhhhhhhhhhh (and as i type this, she is kicking the CRAP out of my side and headbutting my bladder. trust me, its not a pleasant experience!!!)

my momma is here :) its the best!!! i loooooove my momma, she is truly my very best friend. anyone that has seen us together can tell you that i am the spit out of her mouth lol!

so yes, there was absoultely NO point to this post, but i wanted to do it anyways. :)

p.s. halfway thru this god-forsaken deployment, hell yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
p.p.s Happy Birthday to my Nanny <3 she would have been 70 today

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Its not even 11am...

and im having a GREAT day so far! woohoo!

when i bought my car 2 years ago, i ALMOST didnt go for the warranty on it, bc it would raise my payments and i was trying to be stingy. thank god my father in law was with me and convinced me to get it, just in case. well, thank god i did get it! Bc after my car being in the dealership for 2 days now (well, today is the 3rd day atually) the warranty company approved ALL my repairs (new stereo bc it was jammed by a "friends" kid like a month after i bought the car, new engine cover, and a new IAC valve) and i only have to pay the $50 deductable. the repairs, NOT including the labor, are over $2000! My warranty has officially paid for itself now lol! momma will be here tomorrow! omg, i am SO excited! she is taking 3 weeks off of work to be here when i have the baby and to help me after. I;m very grateful to have her help and cant thank her enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, off to get a "nesting fix" lol and clean my house like i do constantly :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

its getting closer

Its getting a little unreal to me, the fact that im about to have a 2nd child. i'll be 38 weeks tomorrow, and a part of me feels like im still in august, when i first found out. We tried for SO LONG to conceive this baby...and there were times i would cry for hours, believing for some reason that God didnt want to give us the baby we so desperately wanted. Now here i am, anywhere from MINUTES to WEEKS away from going into labor.

I'm Scared.

I'm Excited.

I'm every possibly emotion you could name lol!

I just want to meet her already! i want to hold her in my arms, instead of in my body. I am looking forward to labor with such excitement, instead of the dread I did with addy. When i was pregnant with her, i was so young (barely turned 19 before she was born) and didnt really know what to expect. so it scared me and i knew that it would hurt and that scared me more. and i believe that my attitude towards the "big mean labor" was what CAUSED me to have such a bad labor experience. Stuck in the bed for 26 hours, starving, not allowed to walk around or anything, and an epidural that wasnt working. It was horrible.

this time, i am using a Doula. She is the nicest woman and VERY experienced. she is currently studying to be a Midwife also! This amazing organization, , is providing her at no cost to me, bc of that fact that Chris is deployed. I am so blessed to be able to experience everything naturally this way. I am 150% behind a no drug, nature all the way birth this time! That means, No IV (they will put a port in tho, just in case), no epi, no constant monitoring, walking the halls, using my birthing ball, massage, aromatherapy, positive thinking, kind of birth. My body was made to do this...and im excited to finally do it!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another Sad Deployment song

I dont know why i torture myself, but i keep listening to this song over and over again. the rascall flatts part in the middle had me BAWLING my eyes out...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wow, time for an update!

wow, its been a long time since i updated again!!! At my last post, i was having contractions at the end. Well, i eneded up going to L and d after and everything was fine. i was just dehydrated :)

I'm currently 36 weeks and 5 days. i will be "term" on thursday. woohoo!!!!!

I got great news at the end of march.... the placenta moved far enough away from my cervix so i have been cleared for a vaginal birth! GAWD, talk about a HUGE relief!!!!! I wasnt aware of how much i was stressing about a possible c section, until i found out i didnt have to have one anymore lol! Baby is doing GREAT and we have a doc appt today in 2 hours. Fingers crossed for some sort of dialation. im deff ready for her to be here! and to be 100% honest, i am SO ready to have my body back to myself and to stop being a baby incubator hahaha!

Addy is doing amazing, as usual! smart as a whip, just like her daddy! she has learned all her colors and shapes the past month or so, all thanks to blues clues ;) she and i are going on the 8th to tour a private preschool and to see if we can swing the tuition. fingers crossed!!!

Chris, of course, is still deployed. 3 months down so far! We are deff missing him something fierce still, and are thankful for each and every email we recieve from him, and the calls (which are too few and far between *sad*).

hope you like the pics, done by my amazing photographer/friend Janice :)