Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We make Mini Me's

Its true, Chris and i make some good mini me's lol!


My Mini Me


His new Mini Me

Yes, lilah got her mean mugging face from her Daddy ;)

Monday, June 28, 2010


Here is my VENT of the week :/

So chris comes home next month (say it with me...YAYYYYYYYY) and i have recently started the 30 day shred with a friend, who also happens to be another wife from the ship who also happenes to have had a baby recently too lol. Anywho, we are only on day 2 lol but committed to doing this the full 30 days and to keep motivating eachother. I posted online that we were doing this, and all of a sudden recieved a message from someone who will remain nameless. She basically told me that i look "ok for just having a baby" and that chris wont care what i look like, as long as the girls and i are waiting on the pier for him. I replied, saying that I am happy with how much weight i have lost so far, but that i wanted to look my absolute best for homecoming and it was important to me. she then proceeded to tell me as nicely as possible, that i was putting too much stock into my looks. Basically calling me vain.

IS IT vain of me to want to look as good as possible when i see my husband again for the first time in 7 months? Especially since the last time he saw me, i was 5 months pregnant. YES, my husband will love me and desire me, no matter who i look. but it deff couldnt hurt to look GREAT lol!

Not to mention, im not only doing this for HIM, im doing it for ME! i feel better when i am around 140lbs and a size 8. and when i feel better about myself, im a heck of a lot easier to live with....right babe? ;)

End Vent

Everyone have a GREAT night!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

They make me smile

Still not quite sure what i did in my past to deserve such beautiful and healthy daughters...but im not going to look a gift horse in the mouth ;)

Addy being silly in her Daddys Hat

She was nursing her baby lol!

Kisses for my love!

My Smiley Baby Girl
She loves to chew on her hands lol

oh and heres me :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Fresh Start for Friendships

To everyone in my past that I have hurt, wether intentionally or not...I beg your forgiveness.

To everyone who has hurt me, wether intentionally or not...I give you mine.

I wipe the slate clean, no matter what you have done to me. It takes more effort to hold on to all the bad in the past, than it does to just forgive someone and move on. You know that phrase "i may forgive, but ill never forget"? well in this case, i opt to do both. I forgive and i will forget.

I'm not the same person i was when many things happened to my friendships. I'm sure ya'll arent either.

So...heres to fresh starts :)

No more kiddos, por favor!

No, im not joking in the headline. I seriously do not want anymore kids.

If you know me personally, then you will know that i have always wanted atleast 4 kids. It was my dream for the longest time, and i really felt like it was in Gods Plan for me to have that many, if not 1 or 2 more.

then chris and i started TTC for a baby when he returned home from his first deployment. It was hard. Harder than i thought it would be. Over a year later, we finally got pregnant and a month shy of 2 years since he returned from that deployment, our beautiful little angel was here. Not to mention, the seizure I had a couple hours after she was born has me a little nervous to go thru all that again and not have such a good outcome as I did before...

Everyone told me how hard it is to have 2 kids, as opposed to 1. But i just dont see it. For me, it is easier to raise Addison and Delilah right now, on my own with no help from Chris, than it was to raise Addy as a newborn WITH Chris's help. I know alot of it has to do with the fact that im older and more mature this time around, plus i thrive on chaos. i truly do!

when Lilah was born, it felt like this little piece of my heart that had been missing without me knowing it, finally clicked into place. Being a mommy to my 2 little girls is the most amazing experience of my life. I live and breathe for them, and im proud to admit that to anyone that asks. My children are my life. I just feel so satisfied with the kids I have now. I honestly do not want anymore. No, im not saying that bc things are hard, bc like I said, it is extremely easy for me!

I just...dont want any more kids. So many people have already asked me a gazzilion times when we are going to start trying for a boy. Who says we HAVE to try for a boy? Is there some unspoken law somwhere, saying that just bc we have 2 girls means we have to hve a boy? Yes, im sure my husband would appreciate a boy, but that man truly loves his daughters more than words could express. As for me, i never really wanted a boy. Ive always wanted girls, and my wish was granted.

Plus...girls have cuter clothes and bows ;)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cloth Diaper Blog

since I started CD'ing delilah, it seems like everyone has been asking me tons of questions about what its like, how to get started, what to use, etc! So here it is, all in one easy blog!

***Some things I will just copy from the net, but will try to but as much in my own words as possible!***

WHY cloth diaper? Well for starters, did you know it take 500 years for a disposable diaper to break down in a landfill? that means EVERY SINGLE 'sposie ever used in the history of disposable diapers...is still sitting around in a landfill somewhere. yea, i know. i was shocked too! Kinda gross if you think about it huh? Plus, think of all the money you can save!!! Sure, it can be a little expensive to start CD'ing, when your building up your stash. But atleast you arent throwing away your money, like you literally do with disposables!!! And once you have a good stash going...you never have to buy any more again...unless you want to, like me lol!

How do they work? I've used 2 diff kinds of diapers. A fitted made by GoodMama (tho many many more people make them, i just prefer her designs so far) and a Indican Prefold.

Fitted: A shaped diaper that includes elasticized legs. Most commonly has an aplix or snap closure. You need a cover to make this type of diaper waterproof. (description gotten off a public forum)

I also started using prefolds today, which i purchased from cottonbabies.com.

Prefold: A flat, layered, rectangular diaper with extra layers for absorbency in the center. Commonly used with a fastener and waterproof cover. Economical to buy and can be re-purposed as burp/cleaning cloths or inserts/doublers. Great for the newborn stage. You need a cover to make this type of diaper waterproof. (description gotten off public forum).
(with the waterproof cover)

As you probably noticed, in the prefold picture, Lilahs diaper doesnt have snaps, like it does in the fitted GM. For prefolds, you will need to use a Snappi( the pink thing) which works in lieu of the old fashioned diaper pins! super easy to use!

AI2s:. Basically, they are as easy as disposables. They have a waterproof layer sewn into them (so you still get the cute design that you wont have to cover with an ugly waterproof cover) and have an insert that snaps in. Inserts are great, as you can add more than one to a diaper, if you are going somewhere for longer than usual or just have a super wetter. now that Delilah is almost a year old, we use mostly AI2 and pockets (pockets are pretty much the same, except they have an opening where you shove the insert in, instead of snapping it in. Think of how you shove a pillow into a pillowcase. thats pretty much how you "stuff" a pocket) bc they are simple and pretty cute. she rolls around way too much for me to get a quick prefold and snappi on her now.
There are SOOO many other types of CD's, but As i havent used them personally, i wont post about them unless asked.

How do you wash them? Washing is a lot easier than I thought, and not as gross as you might think! when delilah goes #2, i rinse it off really quick in cold water (to prevent staining, tho infant breast fed poop is water soluble), then put it in my washer, where i already have cold water with soap waiting. As soon as i get enough diapers for a load, i wash it in Hot, do a rinse in cold, and then pop them in the dryer. Regular heat seems to work fine for the ones I have so far. Pretty easy huh? You do have to use a certain type of detergent, i have heard good reviews on Rocking Green, but personally use Crunchy Clean bc Delilah has such sensitive skin.

Are they Messier than Sposies? Nope! and they are less "blow out prone" than sposies! When a baby pees in a sposie, it causes the material to expand, so if they pee and poop in one diaper, you usually end up with a blow out. In cloth, i have only had ONE messy diaper, and that was bc i put it on her wrong (it was 3am and i was tired lol) so it was entirely my fault, not the diapers! when you ahve a poop or pee diaper, i just roll it up like you do to a sposie, and put it in my wet bag if im out, or straight into my waiting cold rinse if im home! easy peasy, oh so breezy!

What about Stains? A Good pre-rinse or a good detergent should elimnate any stains, but if you happen to get some, just lay them outside in the sun for 10-20 mins and they should fade away almost completely.  aka Sunning.

If I wasnt convinced to use CD's before, I was after the first 24 hours of Lilah wearing them. We switched to CD's bc every single brand of 'sposies that i used on her gave her a horrible reaction on the sides of her bottom, which deff wasnt a diaper rash. After wearing them not even 24 hours, the rash was already healing! By day 2, it was completely gone!

so not only am i CD'ing to help the environment and to make my carbon foot print a little smaller, I'm doing it for my angel.

As i get more info, ill keep posting it. If you have any questions i didnt answer or cant answer, feel free to take a peek at my friend Paige's Blog. she is the one who got me hooked in the first place, and has been doing it a lot longer than I have!

hope this blog is useful to those who have asked for it!!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On a Serious Note...

This is something I have been meaning to post for awhile, but i keep getting distracted and pushing it off. well, not anymore!

I keep having people, wether strangers or civilian friends, telling me that with 5 months down, deployment should be getting easier. the term "easier" really ticks me off, tho i myself have used it in a past blog post or 2.

NO. deployment NEVER gets easier. You just get more used to it as it goes on (and on and on and onnnn). You get used to getting up every morning and not seeing his face first thing. you get used to making meals for 1, which in my opinion is a total waste of food. You get used to being the only disicplinarian for your child, and trust me that by itself is cause for a whole other rant. You get used to seeing someone who resembles him, or who has a car like his, and feeling that quick butterfly in your tummy...until you realize it isnt him and he is indeed still out to sea. You get used to hearing a song that makes you think of him, even if it still does make you cry. You get used to everyone asking when he will be coming home, but when your toddler asks when Daddy will be back...you have to sneak into your bathroom to sob. You get used to going to bed alone every night, even if you are like me and sleep with a pillow that is sprayed with his cologne.

You get used to it, you adapt to it. But it never gets easier.

Raising the money!

so im a week late in posting this, haha, but oh well!

Our FRG is currently in the process of raising money for Homecoming, so we can make it as fab as possible! One of the fundraisers we did was called a Gas and Glass. We offered to pump peoples gas or wash their windows for donations. Proud to say we raised around $115 in 2 hours! Not bad for an easy days work!!!

Jess and I doing the huuuge windows on an RV..i had to jump to reach it lol!

Courtney working it!

My sister keeping an eye on the kids for us!


All of us that showed up lol!

Our First Fluffy Mail!

I have been waiting almost a week for our first fluff package to come in! im still waiting on a TON more, but today out first fluff came in! omg, i was sOOOO thrilled when i saw it in my mailbox lol!

Yes...i do believe i have a problem (all thanks to Paige!!!!) haha, oh well! atleast MY problem will HELP the environment!!!!!!

So cute!

And i have just GOT to tell you HOW adorable Addison is right now! she is watching Happy Feet (giving her Shrek dvd a break finally lol!) and is trying to mimic the penguins dancing! man, i wish i had a video camera!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Oh my goodness, it has been so long since Addison was a newborn, that I had forgetten how a babies first smile can melt your heart and steal your breath away!

So here is my gorgeous little angel, at a month old, smiling!

Isnt she just sooo adorable? ahhh, i love it!

And now its time for a flashback!!! Addison at 5 weeks old, with her first smile!!!! AMAZING how much they look alike!!!!!!!!! If Lilah was chunkier, she would be the spitting image of her big sister :)

We are on a Month of EBF'ing! i never knew how strong a bond forms between a mother and child when she breastfeeds...until now. i love the fact that MY body is feeding hers and sustaining her. Its a beautiful thing. I've been wanting to take and post some BF'ing pics, but i am ver self concsious about the scars i have from my breast reduction surgery 2 years ago. But maybe soon i will work up enough courage to show a couple pics , bc despite my scars, breastfeeding is a very beautiful natural thing!

thats about all I have to say right now :)


Friday, June 4, 2010

Well, HELLLOOOO there ;)

Long time no talk! my pooor neglected blog! i promise to TRYYYY and post in you more...but i thin we both know that aint gonna happen ;) HAHAHA!

anywayssss...hi :) lol!

quick updates:

Chris is STILLLLL deployed. Yup. It seems never ending. but i cant complain, bc atleast i get to stay at home with our beautiful little girls. HE is the one that has to leave for 7 months :( and has he EVER complained? NOPE! not once! GAWD, i love that man!!!!!

Addy is doing great! We have our rough spots with her teenager-stuck-in-a-3-year-old-body attitude, but other than that she is pretty darn perfect! i couldnt really ask for a better little girl!

Delilah and i am embarking on a new journey. we are cloth diapering! woohoo! im wicked excited! Thank you PAIGEEEEEE! lol!

thats pretty much it! here are some pics!