Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"That" kind of mom

Itty Bitty is teething. And spoiled rotten. Needless to say, she likes to scream..A LOT. she pitched one eternally long screaming fit at E's house earlier today bc she was tired and refused to nap. I grabbed the girls, loaded them in the car, and headed home. Only to realize "CRAP! i need groceries!" so we turn around and go to Publix. Yea...with Itty Bitty in a bad mood.

Needless to say...I became "THAT" mom today. the one that everyone has seen some kind of variation of. In this case, it was the flustered mom who tries to run up and down the aisles as fast as she can, with a baby screaming its head off in the shopping cart. Yep, that was me. It was mortifying. At one point, i was ready to ditch my cart and just leave. Taking a quick minute to breathe deeply, i leaned against the milk case and rubbed my eyes. I looked at Itty Bitty and said "Really? You are going to make me the mom of the screaming baby in public??". I had no idea another shopper was close enough to me to hear what i said. she put her hand on my shoulder, started cracking up, and said "Oh honey. We have ALL been that kind of mom! Let her scream, you wont hear my complain. and if anyone else does, ask them if they want to stand outside and hold a screaming kid for you as you finish your shopping". Those words of wisom and humor had me giggling as i finished my shopping. and wouldnt you soon as my mood lightened up, so did Itty Bittys!

........that is, until we got home and tried nap time once again! FML!

Dont be fooled by her sweet face! she is a holy terror!