Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Confessions of a Not-So-Desperate Housewife pt.3

Hm...Do i even qualify as a housewife anymore, since i work full time? well, im just going to go ahead and say i do. After all, im a wife...and i own a house. so yea....decision made, i will keep that label!

Anywho, here is my long overdue 3rd confession....its about kids. not mine, but OTHERS kids!

Have you ever went to a play group/playdate/ park etc and saw your perfectly mannered child run off to place with some kids who instantly become their BFF's? A few hours later, after playing is done, this strange kid returns to you. they look like your kid, sound like your kid, smell like your kid, and burp and fart like your kid. Yet they are acting like an animal!

Or is it just MY kid who changes like that, everytime she meets a new friend? She immediatly picks up on their bad habits, no matter who they are. as much as i jokingly complain about her, Princess is a freaking AWESOME kid. Love her to death. shes smart, loving, well behaved, and an amazing big sister. But get her around new kids and OMG! WHO ARE YOU, KID?????

Maybe she just has a personality issue that makes her adapt others bad habits? or maybe she is just like every other 4 year old in the world. Not sure...maybe time will tell.


you poor people...

will now be subjected to all of my twiiter updates. i feel for you, i really do. But i cant keep all these thoughts in my head to myself! gotta share a jewel or 2 ;)

wait, have I even updated my blog with pictures of the girls birthdays yet? FML, idk. *runs off to check. brb*