Friday, January 7, 2011

Mommy Prayers

I say many prayers for both of my daughters, daily. almost hourly. for them to be happy, healthy, long lives, etc.

Tonight, it was a little different. I walked into both of their rooms, to looks at them sleeping before I went off to bed myself. As i looked at my sleeping Princess, thinking of her 4th birthday coming up, something popping into my head and out of my lips.

"I pray one day you will understand how much i love you, and how you saved me".

Maybe one day, when she is grown and a mom herself...she will understand just how much i love her. How much I love both of them. Princess and I are exactly alike, we butt heads bc of that exact reason. But no matter what, she is my FIRST child and i have a special bond with her, a special kind of love. When she was born I finally had a reason to truly live, and to grow up myself.

Can you tell i'm feeling sentimental tonight? Being only 18 and pregnant with her, I never visualized her future birthdays past her 1st. I never understood the excitment but extreme sadness comes with celebrating a day that marks your child as officially one year older.


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