Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Delilah is Here!

Little Delilah is almost a week old and i figured it was finally time to sit down and type up her labor story lol!

It all started on May 6th at 7am. My mom and I went up to the Naval hospital here in jax for me to be induced. I was exactly 41w and soooo miserable! so we get there, check in, and wait.... lol! i wasnt dialated at all, so the doc gave me a pill orally to help start the dialation (cant remember the name ugh). Around noon time, she checked me and i was dialated to a 3 and feeling little contractions, but nothing painful. they started the pitocin and i rode out THOSE killer contraction until about 4pm and then got the epidural (which i was totally against this pregnancy, but was having a hard time focusing with the contractions enhanced by pitocin). 4 1/2 hours later, i was checked again and was at a 10, fully dialated. I requested to be able to "labor down" bc the baby wasnt fully engaged yet, and i knew the lower she got, the easier the pushing would be. they agreed, and we tried a few diff positions to get her lower.

Around 9:30 or so, I started feeling more pressure and some pain very very low, and figured the baby had finally dropped. My doc and a nurse came in, checked me, and said that i could take a few practice pushes. At this point, we got my 3 year old out of the room (she had been in there all day, and was such a trouper!!!!) and we contacted Chris to have him call me. After a few minutes, he managed to call and i told him we were just doing a couple practice pushes. He stays on the phone and the doc has me do 2 pushes. Easy enough. i joke around with her, saying i hated woman who push 3 times and the baby pops out lol. i take my 3rd push and next thing i know they are all screaming at me to stop and that they need to break down the bed and she was coming out by herself! lol! I didnt need to push again, and officially became on of those woman i had hated hahaha!

At 10:03 pm on May 6th my beautiful little girl was born. she weighed 7lbs 12oz (2lbs less than Addy!!!) and was absolutely PERFECT! and the best part, was that my deployed husband got to hear her first cry

I did have a hard time when she was a few hours old tho. I went to use the restroom for the first time, with a nurses help, when suddenly i felt very dizzy. Next thing i know, the bathroom was filled with a bunch of docs and nurses, and they were all yelling and rushing around and slapping my face. Turns out, i passed out and had a seizure, even tho i have no family history of seizures. after monitoring me a few more hours (and not being able to hold my baby) they determined it was exhaustion, low blood sugar, low blood pressure, and stress that had made that happen. and i have felt PERFECT ever since, so i hope it was just a once in a lifetime thing!


Addison and I, keeping busy lol

The only time i cried during labor, bc it was when it hit me that I was about to have a baby without my husband there...

She's here!!!!!
My inlaws, my momma, and Addy

meeting her little sister (and making me hold her baby doll too lol)

she was mad lol

My girls and I

Sorry for any typos, im breastfeeing as i type this up lol!


  1. Oh my goodness-congratulations!!! She looks like her sister, I think. Congratulations again, I am glad that your husband was there to hear her first cry-that's wonderful. I get so sad whenever I think about possibly delivering our next child and him not being there. It's neat that he was still able to be able to partially share that moment with you! Yay for being a mommy of two! I hope big sister is a big help to you :)

  2. What a sweet birth story. That pic of you holding the bear makes me choke up. Our stories are kinda similar though, I wanted a natural birth but ended up with an epidural, and only had like three pushes too!

  3. :) This is so sweet!! Make me choke up at little :) Congrats!