Saturday, May 22, 2010


Ahhh, finally have a minute to sit down and blog. Go me for getting Lilah down for a nap and addy distracted by handy manny lol!

annnnnywho... Hi everyone! haha!

The girls are doing AMAZING!

Addison has seemed to almost completely get over her initial jealousy of the new baby. Each day, she plays and interacts with her more. she is constantly asking me if she can "hold sissy" or "kiss sissy". I do feel bad, bc right now more of my attention is focused solely on Delilah, bc I am doing on demand breastfeeding right now, and it is extremely time consuming. but everytime i have a spare minute, it goes straight to my Princess!!! Mornings and Late afternoons are usually our special time together, and I love it. Having had another daughter makes me appreciate Addy even more

Delilah is growing like a weed! Which is a huge relief for me! Addy was a formula baby, so i always knew exactly how much she was eating. Now that I'm EBF (exclusively breast feeding) Lilah, i get nervous at times, hoping she is getting enough. She was born at 7lbs 12oz and discharged from the hospital at 7lbs 4oz. Well, at her doc appt thursday she is now 8lbs 4oz! YAY! Doc said she gained more than was expected, so i must be doing something right lol! And when shes not nursing, im usually pumping (with my new expensive and awesome pump that my hunny bunny let me get yay!) so i can establish a great supply and freeze as much as possible for when Chris gets home.

And BTW...I totally miss this guy. tons and tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Awww-yay! I'm glad nursing is going so well for you two! That's SO awesome. My next baby the FIRST thing I am buying is an oober-nice pump for myself, I'm so glad you were smarter than me and got it right of the bat! And so good to hear that Addison is settling into her new role and all are working out a nice little schedule so she still gets her moments of uninterupted mommy time :)

  2. aww yay! And a huge Awesome Job to you for going EBF after formula feeding your previous kid, and even going about it the right way with On Demand! You rock!