Monday, March 21, 2011

Confessions of a Not-So-Desperate Housewife pt.2

Man it kills me. You put so much effort into these little aliens from day 1. first, you make them (the daddy's fave part lol). then suffer thru (in my case) months and months of morning sickness aka all day long sickness. you get fat.

and finally...they make their sometimes traumatic entrance into the world.

you spend the next 2-3 years changing their butts. You feed them. you clothe them. you discipline them. you take them to school, cuddle them when they are sick (and usually have to clean up puke then too), you kiss millions of boo boos, you play barbies till you want to decapitate all her barbies (or GI Joes if you have boys). you wash thousands of loads of their laundry. they drain your bank acct and your energy.

And then one day, they no longer need you. Leaving you in the dust.

Doesn't sound fair to me.

Princess and Itty Bitty...Mommy begs of you to not grow up too fast. I will gladly take puke all over me and a million dirty diapers than to go through a day where you no longer need me.

I'll probably retract that statement when they are teenagers. By then, i may be ready to kick their butts out and make them society's problem instead of mine ;)

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