Thursday, April 15, 2010

Its not even 11am...

and im having a GREAT day so far! woohoo!

when i bought my car 2 years ago, i ALMOST didnt go for the warranty on it, bc it would raise my payments and i was trying to be stingy. thank god my father in law was with me and convinced me to get it, just in case. well, thank god i did get it! Bc after my car being in the dealership for 2 days now (well, today is the 3rd day atually) the warranty company approved ALL my repairs (new stereo bc it was jammed by a "friends" kid like a month after i bought the car, new engine cover, and a new IAC valve) and i only have to pay the $50 deductable. the repairs, NOT including the labor, are over $2000! My warranty has officially paid for itself now lol! momma will be here tomorrow! omg, i am SO excited! she is taking 3 weeks off of work to be here when i have the baby and to help me after. I;m very grateful to have her help and cant thank her enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, off to get a "nesting fix" lol and clean my house like i do constantly :)

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