Wednesday, April 14, 2010

its getting closer

Its getting a little unreal to me, the fact that im about to have a 2nd child. i'll be 38 weeks tomorrow, and a part of me feels like im still in august, when i first found out. We tried for SO LONG to conceive this baby...and there were times i would cry for hours, believing for some reason that God didnt want to give us the baby we so desperately wanted. Now here i am, anywhere from MINUTES to WEEKS away from going into labor.

I'm Scared.

I'm Excited.

I'm every possibly emotion you could name lol!

I just want to meet her already! i want to hold her in my arms, instead of in my body. I am looking forward to labor with such excitement, instead of the dread I did with addy. When i was pregnant with her, i was so young (barely turned 19 before she was born) and didnt really know what to expect. so it scared me and i knew that it would hurt and that scared me more. and i believe that my attitude towards the "big mean labor" was what CAUSED me to have such a bad labor experience. Stuck in the bed for 26 hours, starving, not allowed to walk around or anything, and an epidural that wasnt working. It was horrible.

this time, i am using a Doula. She is the nicest woman and VERY experienced. she is currently studying to be a Midwife also! This amazing organization, , is providing her at no cost to me, bc of that fact that Chris is deployed. I am so blessed to be able to experience everything naturally this way. I am 150% behind a no drug, nature all the way birth this time! That means, No IV (they will put a port in tho, just in case), no epi, no constant monitoring, walking the halls, using my birthing ball, massage, aromatherapy, positive thinking, kind of birth. My body was made to do this...and im excited to finally do it!


  1. I'm so proud of you!! You have come so far since the beginning of this pregnancy! I am 100% right behind you, supporting you! You call me the second you can when you go into labor and I will try to find a way down to Florida. I miss you and I want to be there through this beautiful experience with you. Love you<3 You are so strong, keep to your birth plan, and remember, this is what we where created for. You can do it, all you need to do is remain focused!

  2. That is so awesome girl! I can't wait to be able to do that... I've always wanted to be able to go through all of that completely natural

  3. btw, lol.. this is ivy.. thats my screen name from many years ago, lol

  4. You can do it!! I wish you the best of luck for a happy, healthy and beautiful birthing experience!! Just one word of advice though, about that IV "port" ...that is what I had in my arm when I was in labor and I HATED that sucker. I never had the actual IV hooked up to me, it was just the "catheter" or "port" and it was terribly uncomfortable!! My thought with my next one is, if a paramedic can get an IV into the arm of a 90 year old man, while speeding down the freeway...why would a nurse not be able to put an IV in my arm, when I'm completely still? It doesn't take that long to get one going. So for my "just in case" it's going to be, "you will put an IV in my arm ONLY when you need to. NOT at any other time." lol. Good Luck and I can't wait to hear your story (I hope you post it!) and see pictures of your little one!! ♥

  5. that is a GREAT point Mandy!!! i am deff rethinking the port now lol! and i will post all about the soon as her stubborn little butt decides shes ready to come out lol!