Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wow, time for an update!

wow, its been a long time since i updated again!!! At my last post, i was having contractions at the end. Well, i eneded up going to L and d after and everything was fine. i was just dehydrated :)

I'm currently 36 weeks and 5 days. i will be "term" on thursday. woohoo!!!!!

I got great news at the end of march.... the placenta moved far enough away from my cervix so i have been cleared for a vaginal birth! GAWD, talk about a HUGE relief!!!!! I wasnt aware of how much i was stressing about a possible c section, until i found out i didnt have to have one anymore lol! Baby is doing GREAT and we have a doc appt today in 2 hours. Fingers crossed for some sort of dialation. im deff ready for her to be here! and to be 100% honest, i am SO ready to have my body back to myself and to stop being a baby incubator hahaha!

Addy is doing amazing, as usual! smart as a whip, just like her daddy! she has learned all her colors and shapes the past month or so, all thanks to blues clues ;) she and i are going on the 8th to tour a private preschool and to see if we can swing the tuition. fingers crossed!!!

Chris, of course, is still deployed. 3 months down so far! We are deff missing him something fierce still, and are thankful for each and every email we recieve from him, and the calls (which are too few and far between *sad*).

hope you like the pics, done by my amazing photographer/friend Janice :)