Friday, June 4, 2010

Well, HELLLOOOO there ;)

Long time no talk! my pooor neglected blog! i promise to TRYYYY and post in you more...but i thin we both know that aint gonna happen ;) HAHAHA!

anywayssss...hi :) lol!

quick updates:

Chris is STILLLLL deployed. Yup. It seems never ending. but i cant complain, bc atleast i get to stay at home with our beautiful little girls. HE is the one that has to leave for 7 months :( and has he EVER complained? NOPE! not once! GAWD, i love that man!!!!!

Addy is doing great! We have our rough spots with her teenager-stuck-in-a-3-year-old-body attitude, but other than that she is pretty darn perfect! i couldnt really ask for a better little girl!

Delilah and i am embarking on a new journey. we are cloth diapering! woohoo! im wicked excited! Thank you PAIGEEEEEE! lol!

thats pretty much it! here are some pics!


  1. Heehee! No problem! Thank YOU for giving me someone to share my addiction with locally!

  2. Ahh! She's SO adorable! I gave you an award!