Friday, October 29, 2010

flib flabbing fridays

so for the 2nd night in a row, im sitting out on my back porch with the laptop. i think this may be how i will blog from now on. its so nice out here, actually has a small chill in the air and im bundled up in a comforter lol. quite cozy.

hmmm. when was the last time i posted new pics on here? well, i cant remember, which means its time to update!!!! some pics of the girls from today, trick or treating at the zoo in their costumes, me at the carrie underwood concert, and one of Itty Bitty in the new ERGObaby carrier that i freaking LOOOOOVE!!!

Thats all ive got for ya'll tonight. Have a blessed night!

oh, and side note to a friend going thru some tough family times right now...I'm praying for you Miss J. <3 xoxo

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