Saturday, October 30, 2010

education education education

i need to go to school. like seriously.and after kicking around the idea for the past 4 1/2 years...its time for me to stop TALKING about it and just DO IT.

I want a career. as much as i absolutely ADORE staying home with my 2 beautiful daughters...i feel like I need more. does that make sense? I need to learn. i need to grow. i need to freaking go to school!

I have been accepted to UNF twice. once in 2006 and again  in 2008. amazingly, each time I get accepted...Sailor Man knocks me up. so I never end up going.

This time I applied to FSCJ (to break the UNF/pregnancy curse lol).

But right now im stuck between 2 major career choices. To be an RN, which is what I have wanted to do with a passion since I had Princess in 2007....or to be an elementary school teacher,which is what I have wanted to be since...well...forever!

Someone come make this decision for me :( yes, im whining. yes, its annoying. Deal with it lol

I'll update more when i make this life altering decision. oh. and one more thing...myCAA is incredibly confusing and irritating.

That is all

Nighty Night <3


  1. Girl, let me tell you....that is a rough decision. When I started college in 2007 I couldnt decide between nursing and education. Its rough. I went with nursing, and while I am glad I did, it is SO hard. The classes are ridiculous and its really competitive to get in. Not to mention the hours upon hours of studying, and the actual work/clinical hours suck. I have to work holidays. I love my job and am looking forward to being done with school (I work at a hospital while I am also in school as a Nurse Tech) Pray about it. Its a rewarding career, but it is most often thankless, and exhausting. Goodluck in your endeavours.

  2. RN. You make a heck of a lot more money and can work part time. You also have a lot more choices in location.. you can work in clinics or a hospital.