Thursday, October 28, 2010

just some random ramblings

well hello there miss blog. long time no see, as usual. im sure you are tired of my sorry excuses and the way i have been treating you. but please just try to bear with me for a little bit longer as i hopefully get back into the swing of blogging regularly lol!

anywho. how has everyone been? anything exciting going on?
things have been the same here on the family front. Princess is getting smarter and smarter everyday. she kills me with how fast she is growing up! :( until i was a parent, i neverunderstood how bitter sweet birthdays could be! she will be turning 4 in march...ahhhhh! :/ Itty bitty, on the other hand, isnt so itty bitty anymore lol. she will be 6 months on the 6th! can you believe it? carazy! we have been supplementing with formula for the past 2 months. and as much as i hated having to do it, i know now in my heart that it was the right decision. in the first month alone, she gained 2lbs that she desperately needed! she has her 6 month well baby on the 8th, so i will update then on how much more weight she has gained. shes getting chunky (finallllly!) so im excited to see the final numbers!

Sailor man is going hollywood! lol! no but seriously, he is. He and a few other sailors from the ship have been casted as extras in the new movie, Battleship! pretty cool huh? im prety sure he is just one of many who will be sitting around in some scene, but HEY! its still a major movie lol!

For the many many many peoples who have been asking, YES we are still cloth diapering. and YES i have plans in the future to update my CD blog and to start posting reviews. I just get so side tracked that i forget lol.

My mom had her surgery on her spine to repair one of her disks and to clean up some bonespurs. She is recovering nicely, but its a long road and prayers would still be greatly appreciated!

and here is a little rant for all of ya'll tonight lol. We had to resod our front lawn last month and paid just under $900. once the sod was done, our landscaper told us to water it for 30 mins, 3 times a day. lo and behold, we get our first JEA bill and HOLY SHIZNIT its freaking $450!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so we are kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place...stop watering as frequently and save money on our water bill...but risk losing our expensive as crap grass. lovely huh? awwwww,the joys of being a homeowner lol!

welp ladies and gents. thats all ive got for ya tonight. im sitting outside on my patio right now, the night is GORG, and i think im just going to kick back and relax.

night <3

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