Monday, February 22, 2010

blah blah blahhhh

so, the swelling has begun. ugh. my least fave part of preggo-ness. late at night and early mornings my hands decide to balloon up like the Michelin man and i had to freaking take off all my rings yesterday. most of you know that i flat out REFUSE to leave my house unless i have my wedding rings on, so i guess its time to go get a fake bigger sized ring to wear, since i cant re size my wedding band or engagement ring anymore. boohoo. but as far as complaints go, thats a pretty minor one, dontcha think?

Everything else is going really good. im 30 weeks and 4 days, only 6 weeks till Delilah Mary will be here. its a little nerve wracking to think that she will be here SO soon!

Addy is doing great. shes been fully potty trained for almost 9 months and boy is it a blessing to not have to change diapers or pull ups lol! i joke around, saying i potty trained her just in time to get a mini break from diapers, then Lilah will pop out and i get to do it alllll over again. haha. Her b-day is in less than 2 weeks. my baby is going to be 3 :( yup, having a hard time with that actually. I cant believe how fast she has grown up, and for the life of me cannot figure out where the time has gone!

My momma is visiting this week and im on cloud 9!!! not to mention, my dad also flies in this week too,so that's the cherry topping right there! Addy and I haven't seen my dad in months and months and months, so it'll be great to spend time with him and momma! It'll also be his first time seeing my house, even tho Chris and I have owned it for just under a year! time to show it off to him :)

Off to do a few errands. pretty boring update to my life, but oh well. I'd rather life a boring life of contentment, than an exciting life of i right?

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  1. Correct! I'm glad you are having fun with your momma love! We should hang soon, miss ya! Plus I have some exciting news to tell you!