Friday, February 19, 2010

Hard Times

Gosh, this past week has been super hard. Started out good, and then monday i got some news that brought me to my very best friend lost her baby. she was halfway thru her pregnancy, so her labor had to be induced.

Jessica is one of the strongest women i know. this is her 3rd loss, but she doesnt let that affect the way she lives her life. she misses her babies, but knows they are in a good place, with God. Her husband Justin, who i call my bubba, was in afghanistan when she lost the baby. after many many calls to the red cross and his superiors, he was finally allowed emergency family leave. He didnt make it home in time for the birth, but he did get here the day after, in time to get Zachariah LeClair baptized.

He was born sleeping, and extremely fragile, late Wednesday night. I held Jessicas hand thru the entire ordeal. She never once complained, and only cried once when the pain was getting bad and Justin still wasnt there. Again, she is one of the strongest people in my life.

I got to hold an angel that night, and i can say he has forever changed my life. Just bc he never took a breathe, doesnt mean he wasnt so loved by so many people. We will all miss him.

I love you, Jessica and Justin. and RIP to our little monkey.

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  1. That is heartbreaking. The story of little angels, like Zachariah, I think reminds all of us mommies to hug our children a little tighter and say an extra prayer of gratitude for the gift of getting to see their beautiful faces each day, and watching them grow, healthy and strong. My prayers are with her and her family.