Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In full Swing

Yup, Homecoming preparations are swinging into full gear! woot woot!!! Its pretty exciting! I have little things to do each and everyday, which is totally helping these last few days go by mucho faster than i thought they would! I have our huge sign ready to hang on the garage, our pier side sign all finished (and currently working on another), and tons of decorations just waiting to be hung up around the house (i went crazy and bought a crap ton of streamers, ballons, and anything else i could get my hands on lol)! My dress has been bought and I'm so freaking in love with it, its not even funny lol! the girls dresses are ironed and hung up, and their bows i got custom made to match are hanging on the bow hanger, just waiting to be put on them that very special day! My hair has been dyed to the color my husband requested, currently tanning everyday, and losing weight pretty good too! (Damn, it feels good to be able to fit into all my old pre-Delilah jeans again lol!!!). Janice, my amazing photographer, is all set to take pics pierside, and I know they will turn out Fabulous!!! (Her FB)

The Sign I made for on the pier (our house sign is wayyy too big for me to get a good pic of. plus, its currently rolled up right now and im too lazy to take it out hahahaa!)
The Flags lining our walkway
All thats missing...IS HIM!

I also wanted to use todays blog to send a special thank you to my amazing friend, Keri. To make sure we have an absolutely PERFECT homecoming, she offered to get the girls and I a room the night before at the Navy Lodge. That way, we will be on base already, and wont have to deal with the traffic and such. SUCH an amazing friend and I am eternally grateful Keri! Plus, this way I can clean my house the day before and wont worry that Addison will trash it before Daddy gets to see it haha!

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  1. Enjoy your homecoming! Everything looks great :)