Saturday, July 24, 2010

Walk, Walk, Walk

Its that time of year again!!! its time for the 8th annual DSAJ Buddy Walk here in Jacksonville! I did it last year and i absolutely loved it, and already signed my family back up for it!

Its a fundraiser, so donations are greatly needed! im not asking you to empty out your wallets or bank accounts, but a dollare or two would make a world of difference! I have maybe 35-40 followers on this blog and i ask each and every one of you to TRY to make atleast a $1 donation. there is a beautiful little girl, Zoey, who I am walking for. Not am I walking for her, i am walking for all the other individuals in the USA who also have Downs Syndrome. And when you think about it, we all probably have ATLEAST a dollar in change in our car, bottom of the purse, in the washer/dryer, etc. So it may not be a big deal to you, but it will be a big deal to this organization

The Team page is located HERE.

ALSO, my good friend Janice is running a fundraiser for the same event too. Her photography business (Journeys Saved) is offering a deal, where $25 will get you a 30 minute photo session and 10 edited pics on a CD. Come on, my Local Followers!!!! Take advantage of this!!!! Want proof of her amazing work? Just take a look at all the pics i have posted in my blog, she is my photographer for all the girls pics and my maternity pics!

Do your good deed for the day...AND DONATE!!!!!!!!!!!

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