Friday, July 30, 2010

Dear Deployment, Thank you...

Dear Deployment, Thank you for FINALLY ending! thank you for giving me my husband back after a long 7 months. thank you for strengthening our marriage. thank you for showing me that I can do this on my own, and for also showing me how much i need and depend on my husband. thank you for giving my daughters back their daddy and for showing him how much they truly adore him.

As much as we hated you, Mr. Deployment....the past few days since you ended have truly been the best of my life.

Homecoming was absolutely perfect. I cant even describe what it was like to see the ship pull in with everyone manning the rails, to see Chris be one of the first off the ship as a New Daddy, to see Addison run into his arms screaming Daddy, and to see his face when he got to see Delilah for the first time.

amazing. that is pretty much the best way to describe it!

Getting off the ship

First Time Holding Delilah
Addy so excited to see Daddy again!

Time for my Kiss

And some extra pics i got from my amazing photographer!


  1. I am seriously crying over here. I hate deployments, but Homecomings are the best.

  2. Cry Cry happy for you and the girls!!

  3. Two of my friends husband just came home this week from their ship too :) LOVE IT

  4. What beautiful pictures those are!!! Congrats on your darling family being reunited again!