Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dear Blog...

My poor neglected blog! did you miss me? Crap, i need to start posting in you more, before you throw a fit and start deleting my old posts! ;)

So today is the 18th. Meaning the Sailor Man has been home for about 23 days. Meaning that I have been enjoying the best 23 days of my young life. I find myself still walking around at times with this huge sloppy grin on my face, bc i am so extremely happy to have him back where he belongs. The Princess still cant get enough of her daddy, its so adorable! but the poor thing freaks out on duty days, where he is gone for over 24 hours straight. He's not even ON duty today (just a regular work day) and she has asked me FOUR TIMES where her daddy is and if "daddy left on the boat". Her anxiety is totally understandable. the past 7 months of her life that he was gone is AGES in toddler years! Even Sailor Man is overwhelmed with how much she changed while he was gone. Shit, How much we have ALL changed!!!!

And oh my word, Itty Bitty freaking learned how to roll over 2 days ago! Seriously! I wanted to freaking bawl my eyes out lol! she is my very last baby (yes hunny, i refuse to carry anymore of your kiddos!) and I want her to slow down with everything! she is freaking powering thru all of her milestones and its great, but sad, at the same time! oh wait, there is ONE milestone she hasnt hit yet. I am still impatiently waiting for her to have her first laugh, first giggle! she is just so damn serious that she is holding it back lol! I never realized how SERIOUS a 3 month old could be! all she wants to do it chew on her fingers and mean mug at me, all day long. silly little girl, you better watch out bc Momma WILL get that giggle somehow!!! *insert evil laugh here*

Hmm...what else has gone on? Oh yes, my PARENTS have moved back down to Florida! Join me for a HUUUUUUGE "woot woot"! heck yes. It is awesome having them living only 50 minutes from me again! The girls will finally have them as constant grandparents again, like how my in laws have been. No more planning trips to VA, no more loooong 14 hour drives. Now i just have to drive less than an hour to be at there house, totting two girls ready for gamma and papa kisses!

I got an amazing, tho short =(, visit from my BFF t his past week! she finally got to meet Itty bitty and im pretty sure she fell head over heels like the rest of us lol. We hadn't seen each other since freaking APRIL and boy was it glad to have her back where she belongs (FL) again! Our girls night out was AMAZING and the pictures are hilarious! I felt a little bad that her last night here involved a bunch of us going up to the ER...but that is a story I will never tell ;) I love that fact that no matter how long we can go between calls and texts, that our friendship still remains as strong as ever. hell, we had to go months without talking bc of a certain "person" and the minute we got back together again, it was like no time passed. If ya'll reading it dont have that kind of friendship with someone, i feel bad for you...and I hope you eventually find it! (just not with BFF, bc she is MINE hoes lol)

Time to sign off, so i can go do my hair and makeup. Sailor Man will be home from work soon and i want him to come home to a clean house, happy daughters, and pretty wife.


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