Friday, November 5, 2010

Doodle Dypes Review

Ahhh, i finally have a minute to sit down and post this review! ive been meaning to for MONTHS!

First off...these are my absolute GO-TO diapers. I use them above else. I also own more of them than I do any other cloth diaper! my CD guru, Paige, is the one who introduced them to me. shes also the one who told me about GoodMama diapers too. Anywho, back to Doodle Dypes. I could write out a long blog about the type of material and soaker and etc. but to be honest...i would probably end up confusing you more than helping you lol.

Long description short, they are amazing. yup yup! They are a one size diaper, meaning they can fit anywhere from 8lbs to 35lbs+. (there is a smaller version of the diaper, for babies that arent quite 8lbs). Thats right. This one diaper will last and fit thru your childs entire diaper time Era. The closure on the diaper is snaps (which i prefer), hence it being able to fit for so long. Child gets a little chunky, just snap the diaper closed loser than before and BAM you've gone up a size and didnt need to buy a new diaper :) Simple as that!

IMO, the BEST part of Doodles? they have a hidden waterproof layer! Meaning you get a super cute and soft Dype and dont have to hide it with a ugly waterproof cover! SCORE! lol Plus...they are SUPER reasonably priced AND she offers a military discount!

The customer service for DD is freaking AMAZING! Sandy is the owner and she is such a sweetheart. As we were getting closer to Sailor Mans HC, i ordered a Dynky Doodle (newborn version of the bigger doodle dype). I was worried it wouldnt fit her at HC, so i shot a quick email to Sandy (my first ever correspondence with her). I explained to her that Sailor Man would be home in less than a month, Itty Bitty needed a new bigger diaper, and wanted to know when she stocked her store so i could get one. Instead of making me wait, she put everything on hold and busted out a brand new doodle dype right then and there, for Itty bitty! She also THANKED me for choosing her to make such a special diaper and said it was an honor. I cried when i read that, bc it was just so sweet!

The Dynky Doodle and full size Doodle Dype

Wearing her Doodle Dype AI2, the first time she met Daddy!

After such amazing customer service and the 2 cutest diapers i had ever seen now in my possession...I was totally hooked lol!

What REALLY got to me today and reminded me that i needed to finally post a blog like this...was a little surprise i got in the mail. Bc i referred a customer to Sandy who placed a pretty big order...Sandy sent me a free Doodle! and boy, did she pick out THE cutest fabric for it!!!!

So thats really all i can think of adding about my most fave dypes. How about some more pics? lol!

(the orange diaper isnt a Doodle, its actually a Katydid. Only pic i had of my skulls and heart Doodle, sorry!)

I have more, but these are all the pics I have on my computer right now. hmmmmm, i think that means i need to have a DD photo session soon ;)

To anyone interested in Doodle Dypes now that you have read my review, check out her FB page!
Doodle Dypes FB Page

and she stocks on her hyena cart, so make sure you start stalking it now! trust me, her diapers FLY as soon as she opens them to buying!!!



  1. Those are adorable!!! Love the red, white and blue one!!!!!

  2. Now that I have tears in my eyes!! That is amazing Mikayla - thank you!! When I read something that has tons of emotion and excitement it really reminds me why I do what I do! Hugs and appreciation for taking the time to write this! Sandy / Doodle Dypes

  3. The picture of your daughter and her daddy meeting for the first time is SO SWEET! *tear*

    I have only 3 Doodle Dypes so far, with another 3 on the way/in the making. They are my fave diaps as well, and my daughter LOVES them! They are the only diapers she'll willing lay down for and she actually requests them and takes them off the line while they are drying (daughter is 20 months). Sandy has AMAZING customer service and makes a wonderful product!