Monday, November 8, 2010

its rediculous

(yes im sure i spelled the title wrong. i just dont feel like correcting it, thank you very much)

ok first off...i TOTALLY understand that some docs may feel people abuse the system and fake pain to get narcotics/pain meds from them. i get it. i know there are people out there that truly do that, bc they are sick mentally and have a problem with addiction.

but when you get a 22 year old wife and mother on your table, with no history or signs of drug abuse, who can barely walk a straight line from the pain, who HAS a history of cysts and KNOWS what it feels like, who is curled up in a ball on the table crying, who begs you to be more gentle when you do an exam bc of the extreme pain...dont treat her like a junkie trying to get a quick high.

and bc of you, Doctor So and So...I am still in extreme pain. worse than the pain, i feel degraded and embarrassed. you MADE me feel like I was lying about the pain, and only came in for whatever prescription you would write me. even tho i was already crying from the pain, YOU made me feel so low, so dirty, that i cried even more.

thank you for that. thank you.

stupid effing doctor.

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