Wednesday, November 17, 2010

so ticked off

United States Postal Services is now on my sh*t list. and my post man will NOT be getting his usual holiday card and tip from me.

I was tracking 2 packages on monday. 2 packes that i was VERY excited to get. monday they both showed delivered at 12:34pm. My happy butt ran out to the mail box to get my things.

guess who had an empty mail box? THIS GIRL.

i waited a few more hours, in case the post man was scan happy and scanned it before he actually delivered. still never showed up. So i filed a complain with USPS and they promised a call back.

of course i never got one, so i called them again today. They said the case had been resolved and the packages had been correctly delivered to the address on record (i check and my right address was the right address on record). And guess who STILL doesnt have her packages? THIS GIRL.

I complained more and demanded a call back from anyone up the chain. once again, i got the hold shpeal about 2 business days. yea, like i really see that happening.

i'm so freaking irritated about this. One of my packages will be replaced by the sender, bc it was purchases by Amazon. but god knows how long it will take for them to get the wheels going on my replacement and this was kind of a time sensitive thing. My 2nd package? completly lost and theres no replacing it. There goes Delilah's winter shoes, mini Ugg look alikes i bought from another mama on FB.

Great. just great.

i'm done with USPS. i will just pay extra from now on and ship thru UPS.

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