Friday, November 12, 2010


hmmm. im not even sure what to title this blog yet. im sure by the end, it will have a name.

Princess is watching a new disney movie and Itty bitty is rolling around on the floor, and giggling. such happy girls. Sailor Man has duty, so we are just enjoying a lazy night at home.

Earlier today, I had to run up to Winn Dixie to get a few stables. I used WIC to get the milk, eggs, and fruit. I just got put on WIC last month. I was so very much against using it unless you ABSOLUTELY need it. We did use it back in 2007,  when Princess was a baby. I was thrilled when Itty Bitty took so well to breastfeeding. Breastfeeding equals no formula which equals no WIC.

then 4 months later she had to be put on formula and my butt had to go off to WIC. which to me was...well..i dont even know what to say. I hate that we are able to take care of ourselves and bills well...but when it comes to formula... DAMN that stuff is expensive.

anyways, thats the back story. Like i was saying, I went to WD to get some stuff using my WIC checks. and got treated horribly. The cashier was very judgemental. As soon as we got to the register and she saw me pull out the checks, her entire attitude changed. she went from smiling, to scowling. She saw me dividing my stuff up and putting non WIC items at the back of the register (to buy myself). she rudely told me "you know, your WIC isnt going to pay for ketchup." I replied "Yes, Ma'am. I know that. Thats why i separated it, to pay for it myself."

and then she rolled her freaking EYES at me! and muttered "Damn, this is the 8th WIC checkout today. Where are they coming from?" in a very condescending tone. She rang up my fruit (WIC provides $10 worth of fruit or veggies a month) and told me, once again VERY rudely, "If your total goes over, you will have to pay for this yourself. WIC wont pay for everything for you". and i once again was very polite in my response "Yes Ma'am, I added the weights and prices myself, I have exactly $9.10 in fruit" (i was on the penny, oooh yea lol).

Lastly...and this is what really got me to. She said (with a fake smile on her face) "wow, the state just pays for more and more for you people these days huh?".

and with that, i told her goodbye with and equally fake smile and marched straight to the floor manager. i myself used to be a Winn Dixie employee and manager and i remember how things work around there. After I got thru reaming the manager a new one, for having an cashier on the floor who obviously had NO customer service training and demanding they be fired or retrained, I left. And let me tell i was walking out, i saw that same manager practically FLYING across the front floor, murder in his eyes, heading right for that cashier.

Serves her right.


  1. Good on you girl!!! The bitch deserves everything she gets!!!

  2. You handled that a lot better than I would have. "more and more people like you." that fires me up. Yes like me, a wife to a service member that doesn't make nearly as much as they should and to someone that helps keep your dumb butt safe, allowing you to have a job. Gah, what a jerk. I'm sorry hunny.

  3. i have had a lot of rude cashiers when it comes to wic in the past and Jacksonville was the WORST!! now that we are in panama city beach i have had no issues at all which is great because its embarrassing and just plan mean for people to be rude to others!