Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Our First Fluffy Mail!

I have been waiting almost a week for our first fluff package to come in! im still waiting on a TON more, but today out first fluff came in! omg, i was sOOOO thrilled when i saw it in my mailbox lol!

Yes...i do believe i have a problem (all thanks to Paige!!!!) haha, oh well! atleast MY problem will HELP the environment!!!!!!

So cute!

And i have just GOT to tell you HOW adorable Addison is right now! she is watching Happy Feet (giving her Shrek dvd a break finally lol!) and is trying to mimic the penguins dancing! man, i wish i had a video camera!


  1. where do you get them from?

  2. many places lol! My first 5, i bought from a friend. this one i ordered on Ebay (my addiction lol!). I ordered some from and others you can find on

  3. I don't have kids but I am totally converted when we do.

  4. awesome!!!! trust me, once you do you will LOVE it! i used disposable diapers with my first, and now that im using cloth with my 2nd, i wish i would have used them sooner!