Monday, June 28, 2010


Here is my VENT of the week :/

So chris comes home next month (say it with me...YAYYYYYYYY) and i have recently started the 30 day shred with a friend, who also happens to be another wife from the ship who also happenes to have had a baby recently too lol. Anywho, we are only on day 2 lol but committed to doing this the full 30 days and to keep motivating eachother. I posted online that we were doing this, and all of a sudden recieved a message from someone who will remain nameless. She basically told me that i look "ok for just having a baby" and that chris wont care what i look like, as long as the girls and i are waiting on the pier for him. I replied, saying that I am happy with how much weight i have lost so far, but that i wanted to look my absolute best for homecoming and it was important to me. she then proceeded to tell me as nicely as possible, that i was putting too much stock into my looks. Basically calling me vain.

IS IT vain of me to want to look as good as possible when i see my husband again for the first time in 7 months? Especially since the last time he saw me, i was 5 months pregnant. YES, my husband will love me and desire me, no matter who i look. but it deff couldnt hurt to look GREAT lol!

Not to mention, im not only doing this for HIM, im doing it for ME! i feel better when i am around 140lbs and a size 8. and when i feel better about myself, im a heck of a lot easier to live with....right babe? ;)

End Vent

Everyone have a GREAT night!



  1. You are far from vain!! If you want to lose weight, then that's up to you. No one else. If you feel that you are not happy where you are, then no one can change that but you. Do what you need to do for you babe!

  2. First off, you do look great for just having a baby! You have that new mamma glow. Secondly, there is no reason to listen to this gal's so called advice. Anyone who has your best interest at hand would have been more understanding to your "want" to look the best for you rhusband and wouldn't care. There is nothing vain about wanting to look great for your hubby. Every man wants to show their lady off and it's helpful when they've got a lovely one like you! Sure looks aren't everything and he'll love you no matter what but I bet he is surprised and estatic to see your change when he gets home. Good luck girl!

  3. *cough* personally I take pride in looking shit hot for my husband. Don't see anything wrong with it at all. There's a difference between being vain and dropping your man's jaw from half a mile away ;-)

  4. W-o-w. Ummm...who on earth would think it's vain to wanna look hot for the hubs when he steps off the boat? That's just retarded. Homecomming is a time when (I thought) ALL wives wanna look their BEST. Do their hair nice, buy a pretty dress...just look nice and hot so that the second they walk in the door the nice hair will turn to bed hair and the dress will get torn to shreads. And underneith that dress torn to shreads is a smokin' hot momma. Yes, you are already smokin' hot-but why not look your best and FEEL fantastic about YOURSELF!?

  5. Mandy, you freaking crack me up!!!! and Cassie, stalk awayyyyyy! ;)