Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On a Serious Note...

This is something I have been meaning to post for awhile, but i keep getting distracted and pushing it off. well, not anymore!

I keep having people, wether strangers or civilian friends, telling me that with 5 months down, deployment should be getting easier. the term "easier" really ticks me off, tho i myself have used it in a past blog post or 2.

NO. deployment NEVER gets easier. You just get more used to it as it goes on (and on and on and onnnn). You get used to getting up every morning and not seeing his face first thing. you get used to making meals for 1, which in my opinion is a total waste of food. You get used to being the only disicplinarian for your child, and trust me that by itself is cause for a whole other rant. You get used to seeing someone who resembles him, or who has a car like his, and feeling that quick butterfly in your tummy...until you realize it isnt him and he is indeed still out to sea. You get used to hearing a song that makes you think of him, even if it still does make you cry. You get used to everyone asking when he will be coming home, but when your toddler asks when Daddy will be have to sneak into your bathroom to sob. You get used to going to bed alone every night, even if you are like me and sleep with a pillow that is sprayed with his cologne.

You get used to it, you adapt to it. But it never gets easier.

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