Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Oh my goodness, it has been so long since Addison was a newborn, that I had forgetten how a babies first smile can melt your heart and steal your breath away!

So here is my gorgeous little angel, at a month old, smiling!

Isnt she just sooo adorable? ahhh, i love it!

And now its time for a flashback!!! Addison at 5 weeks old, with her first smile!!!! AMAZING how much they look alike!!!!!!!!! If Lilah was chunkier, she would be the spitting image of her big sister :)

We are on a Month of EBF'ing! i never knew how strong a bond forms between a mother and child when she breastfeeds...until now. i love the fact that MY body is feeding hers and sustaining her. Its a beautiful thing. I've been wanting to take and post some BF'ing pics, but i am ver self concsious about the scars i have from my breast reduction surgery 2 years ago. But maybe soon i will work up enough courage to show a couple pics , bc despite my scars, breastfeeding is a very beautiful natural thing!

thats about all I have to say right now :)



  1. I am SO happy to hear that yall have taken to nursing so well. It REALLY is an amazing, beautiful, natural, perfect thing. Babies were born to drink momma milk and mommas were made to give it to them. And both your girls are such beautiful babies! They really do look a lot a like. So dang cute.

  2. aw thank you mandy!! im pretty damn proud of making it a month so far!!!