Monday, January 18, 2010

Dear John...

ok first off, i am friggen DYING to see this movie!!!! lol! And bc i am overly emotional with this pregnancy and deployment, i am soooo making all my girlfriends go with me lol!

and now 2nd of all, to the more serious reason of this blog post tonight. When i was watching the preview, i was thinking of all the guys (and girls, too) who have recieved "dear john" letters while deployed overseas. to me, its just so sad. It reminds me of the pre-deployment briefing my husbands ship had in december. The chaplain got up and was talking about the usual stuff, and then he briefly touched on the subject of adultry. Basically, his advice? DONT COMMIT IT! lol! and he said if you do, DO NOT write/email your husband or S/O while they are out to sea to confess, just to make yourself feel better. wait to say anything until they get home. honestly, i agree with him 100%. Chris, tho, didnt. He believes that waiting to tell your significant other about the cheating, will just make the situation worse. my response? Cheating is cheating, cant really get any worse lol.

I just believe that if you are going to become the scum of the earth, and cheat on your husband during a deployment, then YES he does deserve to know. but not when he is out there, defending our country. It will take his focus off the mission at hand. It could endanger not only his life, but those lives around him. Anyone get my meaning? lol!

I'm extremely thankful for the strong marriage I have, and the trust that we have established over the past 4 years. He is truly the love of my life, and we tell eachother that on an almost daily basis. We have never had reason not to trust one another, and for that i am so grateful. Living on a navy base for 1 1/2 years, i saw other wives cheating on their husbands too many times to count. to me, that is just DISGUSTING! In my eyes, there is no reason to ever sleep with someone other than your husband, ever. But then again, if you are seperated, that is another thing all together. Basically, it depends on the couples for that, and no judgement is passed from me on that subject. off topic i think? crap, what was i saying? oh yea, basically, those women who cheat on their husbands during deployment and send stupid "dear john" letters to them to let them know, and to file for divorce, are pretty close to the worse scum of the earth. But then again, thats my opinion. and this is my blog, so i get to voice my opinion alllllll i want lol!
until my next thought decides to take shape into a blog, xoxo


  1. I loved the book. I hated it at times, but it is a very well written book. I can't wait to go see it in theaters. We should probably buy some tissues lol.

  2. I want to go! LOL Christopher is going to be gone in Feb. About the cheating thing guess what I saw a couple days ago!!! There was a commerical and this guy was getting out of bed in the morning and it was set up lke a drunk night... and then the narrature (sp) was talking about how you cant get rid of a one night stand you marry..
    and then it say go to a website they told so I googled it just because I didnt like the commerical and and it was a website to help you find affairs in your town!!! I WAS SO SICK AT MY STOMACH.... Adultry is illeagle!!!! It bad enough that people go looking for that shit but to have a commercial at noon on channel 9 supporting it!!! What are people thinking what happen to suppourting morals and vows!? You won't find the crap in Texas or Arkansas!

  3. Oh and I read how Tyra Banks had a show about the website and lots of wives where on it that USED the website! I just think that crap shouldnt be allowed