Sunday, January 17, 2010

my trip to L and D at 25 weeks preggers

so it all started yesterday, around mid morning. i went to the mall with my best friend for lunch and some shopping. then had to go to a bday party. at the party i started having what i thought was BH. didnt hurt too much at first, just made it really hard to breathe and talk thru them. I ended up leaving the party early and all the way home (an hour long drive) i had baddd contraction, and was timing them. they were coming between 5 and 10 minutes apart and lasting almost a minute. i got home and thought if i laid down with some water, it would make everything better, and that i had just been overdoing it lately. unfortunately, the laying down lasted about a minute, bc the next contraction i got caused me to throw up. thank goodness my friend Erica was able to drop everything and bring Addison and I up to Labor and Delivery. i was sure i would get there, and they would monitor me for a little bit and show nothing was wrong and send me home.

sooo didnt happen lol! we got there and i was immediatly whisked back, bc of my placenta previa and history of preterm labor with my daughter and as soon as the monitors were on they picked up my very strong and big contractions. the doctors and nurses and were awesome and kept making me laugh inbetween to get my mind off everything. The doc orderd that one test, that shows if labor is coming in the next 2 weeks. thank the lord, it came back negative! they can a battery of other tests and they came back showing that i have an infection. something caused bacteria vaginosis (sp?). i must have gotten a weird look on my face when the doc told me that, bc he started laughing and said "no, its not your fault. im not calling you dirty. this happens to many women, especially during pregnancy" i think he said its caused by a hormone inbalance, idk lol! basically, he said it is irritating my cervix and causing my body to go into labor.

Let me tell ya, when i left that hospital, and all night long, i felt like someone had freaking hit me in the tummy with a baseball bat! even right now, its still sore to the touch! plus, Delilah didnt like the contractions and kicked during EACH and EVERY one of them lol! little stinker!

so im back on bedrest (woohoo lol) and my inlaws are being awesome and took Addison last night and are keeping her for me until tomorrow, that way my antibiotics have some time to kick in and get the contractions stopped.

I am SOOO eternally grateful to my friends who were there for me last night! i know i can always count on them, and they just keep proving it again and again!!!


  1. I am so sorry girl. Keep me posted if anything else happens and I hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. I hope you feel better!!!! :) keep your chin up!!! you are SO inspiring!

  3. I'm glad that it ended up just being an infection when it could have been so much worse. Though I am sorry that you have an infection. Thankfully the doctors acted quickly. I'm really glad that you are ok. You had me worried for a bit there... Hope you start feeling 100% soon love!