Friday, January 15, 2010


some of you may or may not know, that my Dad isnt my biological father. He married my momma when i was 6 and my sister was 9. and from that day, he has been my dad in every way. I love him to death and blood isnt an issue with us, when you have loads and loads of love. But until my momma married him, my uncle Stevie, who is also my god father, was the father figure in my sister and my lives. i have so so so many great memories of him growing up. to this day, i look back and picture him as the funny uncle, so tall and strong, who used to let us eat twinkies for breakfast when we would visit. Even when we moved halfway across the country with my Dads job, from MA to IL, he and my aunt mary kept in very close contact with us.

well..that strong man i remember is fading away...he has Liver disease and is extremely sick. Just a month ago, he was hospitalized for over a month. His liver isnt functioning anymore, isnt doing its job AT ALL and is in failure. He is on the national transplant list, but they keep saying he isnt "sick enough" for this much needed transplant. He doesnt even need a partial transplant, he needs a whole new one.

when my momma was visiting last week, we called uncle stevie and aunt mary to check in with them. It was so...sad, to hear this man sound so sick, and in pain. in all my life, i cant remember him EVER being anything other than healthy and upbeat. He was like a really big teddy bear. and now this disease is threatening his life. As for my aunt mary? shes a nurse, so it has to be hurting her to understand more about this condition than the average spouse would. but of course, she tried to stay upbeat on the phone for us, but momma and i could hear the emotion in her voice. My aunt and uncle have the kind of love story that they make movies out of... Its never been just "uncle stevie" or just "aunt mary". its always been the two of them, together forever.

I pray, so much, that he gets the liver he needs and deserves. the liver he needs to LIVE.

This was a big wakeup call to my family, to cherish everyone you have, every moment you have, every memory you have made....

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