Friday, January 15, 2010

Throwing a Fit

Although i absolutely HATE when my 3 year old decides to throw a fit, i had to take a page outta her book today!

last night, my garbage disposal decided to freaking quit working in the middle of me feeding it left over spagetti. it then proceeded to back up BOTH of my kitchen sinks ANd my dishwasher. Not to mention it started freaking leaking dirty water underneath my sink! gross huh? all i can say is, thank GAWD my morning sickness is gone or i would have been blowing chunks! haha!

so i put in a service request thru my home warranty company. then got up today, expecting the repair company to call me to set up an appt today. they never did. so i repeatedly called them, over and over and over again, and left numerous voicemails, telling them my problem. Finally, at 1pm, i got ahold of someone. She told me that i "called too late in the afternoon and no technicians are available until late monday afternoon".

seriously? I called to late? maybe ya'll should answer your phone in the morning, when i freaking first called!

so i called my warranty company be honest...i played the "dumb, helpless, preggo navy wife" card haha! told them i was pregnant, with a 3 year old, my husband was deployed, and there was no way for me to fix this myself and it was soooo gross. yup, i even pulled out a few tears! they called the first repair company to discuss an earlier appt with them, and guess what? the company wouldnt return THEIR call! which actually worked in my favor, bc they now fully believed that the company was at fault for not being available for an earlier appt. The nice dispatcher at my warranty company then proceeded to call TEN diff repair companys and found one who is on their way here now to fix my satanic garbage disposal! woohoo!

so tho we tell our children that throwing temper tantrums are bad and blah blah blah....sometimes they can actually WORK! lol!

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