Thursday, January 28, 2010

Getting there!

Heck yes! i FINALLY reached my 3rd trimester today!!! so excited lol! im now 27 weeks and have, at most, 10 more weeks until Miss Delilah Mary McClain makes her grand entrance!

those of you close to me know what a HUGE milestone this is to my family. With how easily we got pregnant with Addison, chris and i were certain it would take only a few months AT MOST to finally be pregnant with #2. sooooo wasn't the case! It took us well over a year to conceive Lilah, and it was probably the hardest year I have ever been thru. Each month that I wasnt pregnant, i would blame myself and wonder what i was doing wrong. Im so thankful for the strong support system my family and friends provided me thru that very hard and dark time!

I remember with such clarity, that day in August when we found out we were finally pregnant. I was sitting in the middle of my living room and chris was about to head up to walmart to get a few things we needed. I randomly asked him to grab me a pregnancy test, like i always did every month. when he got home, i went to take it in the rest room. did the whole "pee on the stick" and set it down while i washed my hands and fixed my hair. I was about to walk outta the bathroom when i realized i never looked at the test. you could see how used to big fat negatives i was lol. i look down at the test and for a full 60 seconds i just stood there in shock, with my mouth hanging open. I kept rubbing my eyes, swearing that they were playing tricks on me bc the test in my hand was POSITIVE!

I stumbled out of the bathroom and walked up to Chris, who was on the computer. I couldn't talk and I'm pretty sure my mouth was still hanging open lol. It took him a sec to notice I was standing by him and when he finally did, he got all worried bc of my expression. He kept asking me what was wrong, but i couldn't talk. Finally, i just shoved the test at him. I wish you all could have see the HUGE smile he got on his face...i swear it was about to split his face open! Seeing how ecstatic he was all i could do was....sit in his lap and cry!

They were happy tears tho lol! i cried for all the months i had been let down with negatives, and each time my hopes had gotten dashed by those negative. it was a cleansing cry :)

I cant wait to meet this little girl inside of me, and to see what a great big sister i know Addison will be. Yes, my amazing husband will miss the birth and that hurts both of us...but its worth it to have our long awaited miracle.




  1. Awwww...all good things are worth waiting for. I'm sure she just wanted ya'll to know that she IS worth the wait....make ya appreciate her a little more. :) I'm excited for you-she'll be here so soon! At the end of the year we'll be trying our TTC journey :)

  2. thank you mandy!!! and i DEFF wish you guys luck when you start TTC!!!!