Monday, August 23, 2010

30 Days- Day 1

So for my first post on the 30 days of Blogging, im supposed to post a recent picture of myself and 15 interesting facts. hmmm, can i think of 15 things? lol. Here Goes

My Picture Taken 8-20-2010

15 Interesting Facts
1. My Favorite color is yellow. which you can tell from the pic above lol or from the fact that i drive a bright yellow car. and by that i mean BRIGHT yellow lol
2. I Love Banana Sandwhiches
3. I eat mayonaise on my hotdogs. Which completely disgusts most people i know
4. I used to hate my name when I was younger. Now i love it, bc its just a little bit different.
5. Some days i actually forget that my Dad isnt my biological father. That just goes to show what an amazing man he is and how grateful I am to have him as a dad.
6. I absolutely HATE math. In fact, in HS my husband would do my math homework for me. My math teacher new about it, but never docked me a grade, for which i am eternally grateful!
7. I always knew I wanted 2 daughters. I never wanted to have a boy. I would much rather deal with ribbons and curls than a penis, thank you very much.
8. My husband and i started discussing marriage about 2 weeks into our relationship. I dont think we had even said "I Love You' yet lol
9. And speaking of my Sailor Man, I'm sure most of you know the story of how we started dating. I Called him fat. Yup, I sure did. Best end result of an insult ever <3
10. All of HS, I planned on joining the military. Was leaning towards the Marines or CG actually. Instead, I ended up being a Navy Wife. I Love it, but somedays I wish I was the one in uniform.
11. I am DEATHLY afraid of the Movies Candy Man and Chuckie. Yes, I really am. Ask my momma or sister lol.
12. If it chirps, buzzes, flies or slithers, it should be dead in my book. I hate bugs and anything related to bugs.
13. I'm insanely proud of how far my husband and i have come in the past 4 1/2 years. We went from being 18, engaged and pregnant, living in low income housing-to being- 22, married with 2 kids, owning our own home.
14.I used to be THE worst housewife ever lol. no seriously, poor Sailor Man had to come home to a messy house and everything like that. Now i take pride in having all the chores done while hes at work. He is an amazing husband and deserves to come home to a pretty house and happy family <3
15. Crap, i ran out of interesting stuff to say lol!

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  1. I like mayo on my hot dogs too. SUCK IT MAYO ON HOT DOG HATERS!