Sunday, August 29, 2010

30 Days- Day 7

day 7- a picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you

This blog is easy. At first, i was going to have my daughters as the ones who had made the biggest impact on my life. But then i realized...I wouldn't have had my daughters if i had never met my husband. darling Sailor Man is the topic of today's blog.

A Friend teases me occasionally (all in good fun) about having married my high school sweetheart. I LOVE the fact that Sailor Man and i met so young and finished our "growing up years" together. We met at 15, started dating at 17, and got married at 19. And by met at 15, i mean he sat in front of me in class and was too shy to get up the nerve to talk to me <3 awwwww lol! Thank goodness I called him fat one day and MADE him talk to me ;)

Oh, and did I mention he knocked me up at 18? lol. Man...when we saw those 2 pink lines show up on a about a range of emotions! Boy did THAT change our lives! He could have done what many many boys do when faced with an unexpected pregnancy, and ran far far away as fast as possible. But not him. He truly, in ever meaning of the word, MANNED up. In his mind, there was never an other option than to grow up and for us to become a family.

Fast Forward 1 year. We are married and have a little 3 month old Princess. He is working full time at Publix in the bakery and im waitressing. We are living in this pretty crappy apartment (ugh, i DO NOT miss that place lol) and making ends meet...but not leaving much room for error. Guess who quits her job bc a customer spits in her face and the manager didn't back me up? and then guess who decided, after a lot of soul searching, to join the US Navy? It was the best way to provide for our family, and he did it. For Us. He was always more mature than his age when it came to our family.

Fast Forward another year. Princess is 15 months old. Sailor Man has just returned from his first deployment, and boy are we happy to have him back!!! Thats another thing he sacrificed for us...watching most of our daughters first year of life. He enlisted when she was 4 months old, went to bootcamp, then straight to A School. After he graduated A School, he had a 2 1/2 week leave period and then was flown to meet the boat on its deplyoment. 5 months after that, he was home.

Fast Forward 2 more years, bringing us to present day :) We are now 22 and as you know, added another little girl into our family. Growing up, I always wanted 2 daughters. And he gave that to me. We own our own home, which is very satisfying and annoying at the same time. He made this possible for us. We have a strong marriage, tho we annoy the hell out of eachother some times. Most times, he is the perfect husband, so he makes it easy to be married to him.

I honestly have NO idea where I would be in life if it wasnt for him. I dont even want to picture it.

Baby Cakes...I'm so thankful I called you FAT!

And for my followers enjoyment....Sailor Man rocking his footsie PJ's!!!

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  1. Oh my gosh... those jammies literally made my night! LMAO!! :)