Friday, August 27, 2010

Well Hello There ;)

Ahhh, how i love blogging. Its SUCH a stress reliever ya know? i love putting my sometimes unorganized thoughts out there, for the world to read lol.


My amazing friend/hair guru cut my hair yesterday! and when i say cut, i mean CUT!!!!

My hair went from THIS:


And i absolutely loooove it!!! It was a big change, and i really needed it! plus...Lilah had gotten to the point where she grabbed on to my hair and pulled it everytime she nursed lol. and let me tell ya, that girl has a STRONG grip!

hmmm...looking at the two pics i just posted, I am even more certain that getting my gap closed was a great idea :)

and now that im done gushing about myself (lol!) time to gush about my 2 gorgeous creations!

ITTY BITTY FOUND HER FEET!!!! it was so cute watching her at courtneys today, grabbing her toes and yelling at them lol!

And Princess is as smart as usual! She also happens to think shes a little model too lol!!! and im her 'mama-razzi' haha!

Now on to the lover. Sailor Man is stillll out to sea. Stinky ship stole him away again. I dont have a new pic of him like i do the girls, so here is one from last month at Zoeys 1st B-Day Partaayy <3

Ok Peoples. Thats all ive got for you tonight!!! How about you look to the side of this blog and click on my swagbucks thingy majig, and sign up? That would be pretty darn sweet of ya ;)


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