Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mini rant

ok, here is my little rant for the week.

WHY on earth would you call your boyfriend your "hubby" or "husband"?

any answers?

I hate little girls who run around saying that. Bc seriously...until he has put a ring on it and you sign on the dotted line, he is not your husband...he is your boyfriend/fiance. Go ahead and spout the usual "we dont need a piece of paper to make us official" blah blah blah. Bc OBVIOUSLY you feel like something is lacking if you so desperately need to reassure yourself that he is yours by calling him that before he truly is.

Why does this bug me? i honestly have NO idea! All i know is, i looked forward with such excitement, to day when I would finally be able to call Sailor Man my husband. I remember how anytime i would say it after our wedding, i would get little butterflies. He had already been my boyfriend, then my fiance, and then my 'baby daddy' (lol!). But the most important title was deff worth waiting for.

Eh, if you dont like this blog, it really wont affect me. Know why? Because I have a marriage certificate ;)

Next Weeks rant will be about Cheating Navy Wives :) Stay Tuned, Kiddos <3


  1. I have one, too, but I think they are pretty insignificant. =) Have these people been living together long enough to be common-law married? idk, lol

  2. You aren't the only one... this bothers me too! Being married is special and I hate it when people do that.. especially when they don't live together(lol) parents weren't married for the longest time.. BUT.... They lived together, had 3 children and had been together for like 26 years or more before they got married. But after 26 years of putting up w/ each other i think is slightly different.. JUST CAUSE HE'S UR BABY DADDY DOESNT MAKE HIM UR HUSBAND!!! >:-O

  3. I completely agree with you!! I'm a girlfriend and would NEVER refer to my sailor as my hubby, hubs, etc. I find it so disrespectful to those that are already married to do so! It bothers me when I see them do that and just because you are engaged doesn't mean you are officially married yet either. I see it a lot and it annoys me. We are both counting down the days until we call each other husband and wife, but would never disrespect or call each other that until we are, making it less special if we do say it before that day. I'm glad you blogged about this because I got to vent too! :)

  4. I'm glad im not the only one who gets irked by these girls playing make believe! <3

  5. Do you hate it when they call him "baby" when he clearly is not their child or an infant? I use hubby as a pet name for Steven.

    We have been together for 4 1/2 years, have a gorgeous daughter, and have made a beautiful home together. He supports me financially and emotionally. He is everything to me. He is my "husband" in every sense of the word BUT that peice of paper you mention.

    We have vowed our love to each other, not before a judge or preacher, but before GOD (which is all that matters to us). We plan to get married someday when we can afford the wedding that our love deserves. In the meantime, he is my hubby!

    I am not trying to be snotty or belittle your feelings on this, even though you had no problem doing it to unmarried girls. I just want you to see our side our side of things!

  6. i always call my husband baby or babe so im guilty of that one... but recently b/c of our daughter we call each other mommy and daddy... lmao