Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sisterly Love

So earlier today I mentioned on FB that Itty Bitty was abnormally fussy today. I chalked it up to teething. Poor baby was sooooo irritated and only wanted to be held, yet would still cry even while be held. Well, It was time to start making dinner for Princess and I, meaning i HAD to put Itty Bitty down. I put her on the floor with her big sister and lo and behold...she stopped crying! she is now currently laying down and staring at Monkey, while she "talks" and giggles at her! I guess she just wanted some sisterly time and i am more than willing to give it to her lol! Especially since she yells at me if i try to pick her back up haha

i love my girls <3


  1. Aww! Its so cute how Addy looks just like you and Lilah looks so much like Chris!

  2. lol so very true Linds! Addy is my mini me and lilah is deff Chris'!